Those who trust and support OTIS Dream Project

At Defeating Epilepsy Foundation®, they feel all individuals with epilepsy have the right to healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. The team is dedicated to advocating for the resources needed to achieve those goals at a global level. Through educational resources, networking, and community service, they uphold the values that mean everything to what they do. The team is committed and focused on creating a healthy, strong, and ethical culture within the communities they work in.

SB Ultravac Industrial Vacuum Services Inc. stands as a prominent figure in industrial cleaning and maintenance, prioritizing efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility in their comprehensive range of services tailored to diverse industries. Founded by CEO Silvestre Bahena in 2006, the company reflects his 15 years of industry experience and a remarkable journey from a laborer to a project manager overseeing multimillion-dollar projects. His reputation as a strong leader and hard worker positions the company for success. SB Industrial, under Silvestre's guidance, emphasizes responsible corporate citizenship, valuing employees, community, and the environment. The company's core mission includes giving back to the community to contribute to a better world.

The OTIS Academy is the Golden Pond, where youthful talent from high schools and colleges are trained for companies to find and recruit. The Golden Bridge is where talent finds the connection that takes them from academia to the business world through internships and apprenticeship programs. They help the youth of all cultures and ethnicities find and develop their talents. They provide a platform and the environment to acquire the needed skills to succeed in the New World of Work—the 21st-century economy.

The Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce (IERCC) - where business support transcends convention. Far from being a 'cookie-cutter' chamber, they are rooted in understanding the distinct needs of diverse business communities and are renowned as one of the most proactive business organizations in the Inland Empire. The IERCC is dedicated not just to representing businesses but to truly understanding and catering to unique requirements. They provide unparalleled support and resources, ensuring that businesses of all sizes have the tailored assistance they need to flourish in today's dynamic market.

ER$ Consulting Services -Where Credit and Collection Create CA$H." - ER$ Consulting Services was established on November 1, 2006, to provide a customized approach to solutions in credit, collection, customer service, cashflow, conflict resolution and international commerce, including trade financing and credit insurance. In addition, ER$ Consulting Services strives to create harmony between the credit and sales departments by training each department to align their goals to bring a state of perfect harmony. ER$ Consulting Services offers services that include consulting, in-house training, seminars, speaking engagements and workshops. ER$ is also involved in mentoring, coaching and training of small business owners and executives to think creatively and holistically.

All Hours Adult Care serves as an essential partner in the continuum of care making affordable housing with personal and health-related services available to seniors and individuals with disabilities- maximizing dignity, privacy, and independence. Initially founded in 1998, as a group of concerned professionals sharing resources to help locate caregiving services for children and aging grandparents, we are now fulfilling our purpose to the communities we serve by offering honest, heartfelt solutions to the crisis of despair felt by many adult children whose parents now need the same services, but at a much higher cost to their own housing and economic stability.